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iphone 7 news .
iphone 7 news .


         According to foreign media reports, industry sources will be published this fall when released iPhone 7 due redesigned Home button, so the waterproof performance can be further improved. But unfortunately it is still not reached the level IP68 waterproof, you want to play in the bathtub on the iPhone 7 will have to wait for some time.


                  iPhone7 also play three anti-! Unfortunately not reached IP68 level (picture from AppleInsider)
Previously Apple has registered a patent relating to Touch ID, the future iPhone and iPad might be used as part or all of the touch screen Touch ID sensor, this also means that the future of Touch ID will not be limited to a physical button. According to the description of the patent application materials display, no buttons Touch More details ID implemented in 2017 with the previous rumors iPhone Home button will remove the statement in good agreement. Thus we can expect in 2017 to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone models will usher in dramatic changes.
While the iPhone is not the main function of three defenses, but with the progress of the times, the iPhone is also waterproof with each iteration getting stronger. Whether it is three anti-function or Home key reform, we believe that the next generation of the iPhone will bring more surprises.
Comprehensive information leakage current point of view, iPhone7 still have two. Among them, the 4.7-inch version will be named iPhone 7, using a single lens design; while the 5.5-inch version will be called iPhone Pro, will be the first equipped with dual cameras, a common feature of the day will be canceled back of the line, and change in the fuselage upper and lower ends and an edge portion, waterproof and equipped with life support ios10 official version, memory capacity by 32GB started, and will provide up to 256GB of capacity versions.
It is reported that, iPhone 7 will be officially accepted September 9 reservation is expected in the September 16 officially on sale Friday. At the same time Apple released a new generation of iPhone has always had a tradition on Tuesday or Wednesday, so the iPhone 7 expected to formally release time has the potential to September 6.


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