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new product 2016 ,original brand new iphone 7 iphone 7plus
new product 2016 ,original brand new iphone 7 iphone 7plus

Apple will launch this fall iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus and iPhone7 Pro (or iPhone7 Plus Premium) three models


iphone7 time to market
iPhone7 release or in mid-September. Phone7 There will be some changes in appearance, which is the iPhone every generation digital model upgrade a major feature.

Reportedly will launch a 5.5 inches screen,

 3GB of memory, 14 million pixels, 256GB and 3100mAh battery capacity iPhone 7 release. In addition, it may also have believed iPhone7 3D touch technology,

 flexible displays, as well as waterproof and fast, and many other cool wireless charging technology.

 In many aspects of machine design, we will carry out subversive design as iPhone fruit powder, do you like it?


iphone7 detailed parameters
Designs: straight / curved
Touch screen: capacitive screen, multi-touch
The main screen material: IPS
Screen technology: 3D Touch Technology
Network Type: Single card multi-mode
Operating System: iOS 10
Body color: black, white, blue, rose gold, gold, purple goddess (there may be a variety of colors)
Camera Type: Dual camera with LED flash
Camera pixels: 12 million or more
SNS support: support for Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, etc.
Service Features: App store, iCloud, etc.


In order to solve the problem of camera projections, they designed this "folding telephoto camera lens system."
iphone7 new features: a new design, the new iOS system, camera, multi-screen and speakers.
In addition to outside the screen size, iPhone 7 may add wireless charging capabilities with iOS 10 operating system and other new features. If Apple decides to add a new design for the iPhone 7,

 we believe that it will be thinner than the iPhone 6, Apple is also equipped with its "Side display" (sidewall displays). In addition, Apple is likely to use the new material on the iPhone 7,

in order to make it more durable. Early in Apple iPhone 6, iPhone6 ago Plus, there are rumors saying the cabinet will display and a sapphire glass. The sound quality, it will only be in stereo dual speakers automatically activated when necessary, when the iPhone is in landscape orientation, the built-in iOS 9 system calculates the position of the iPhone, then the sound will automatically send the correct channel.
In order to solve the problem of camera projections, they designed this "folding telephoto camera lens system," see its design ideas,

which is very reminiscent of the old-fashioned periscope. Patent detail display, light entering the primary lens through specular reflection, and then subjected to sub-lens focus to the imaging sensor. Deputy Lens moved up and down a small margin - even if only a fraction of a millimeter, the system can produce the effect of a telephoto lens,

but the key is that this folding telephoto lens and wide-angle lens can be used in conjunction with standard, the user can freely choose which lens.
2018 iPhone8 Samsung OLED display
Recently, according to South Korean media said that Apple has with its display division,

Samsung Electronics reached an agreement Apple Samsung will provide one hundred million 5.5 inches OLED display every year, and this display is likely in 2018 iPhone8 formally adopted but with recent changes appear in the news, do not wait until the fruit powder may iPhone8, the earliest use of OLED screen mobile phone is likely to be iPhone 7s plus 


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